Oil doesn’t grow on trees. It may be paradoxical, but it’s true. Oil is the fruit of the labor of all those who tend the olive trees, who press the olives, and create the character of a blend. Our olive oils are the outcome of a development process involving the senses and the ability to interpret and combine different fragrances and flavors to achieve a new product, a new blend.

“Working as a blendmaster has enabled me to get to know every aspect of the world of olive oils, but above all, it has enabled me to express my vision and my idea of a quality oil. I have decided to share this passion in my book, a tale which – I’m sure – will find favor with all those who delight in things done with passion.”

Giovanni Zucchi’s book “Oil doesn’t grow on trees. The art of blending: how a choice quality oil is born” also contains 12 original recipes specially created by Michelin-star chef Claudio Sadler.

Author: Giovanni Zucchi
Title: Olive oil doesn’t grow on trees. The Art of Blending: Superior olive oil’s secret ingredient.
Publisher: Lupetti Editore
Distribution: Messaggerie Libri
Publication date: November 2014
Pages: 183