Cranberry Rosemary Olive Oil Martini | Zucchi Recipes
Get into the holiday spirit with this festive cranberry martini, topped with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.


  • 1 cup /


  • 1/2 cup /

    granulated sugar

  • 1/4 cup /

    chopped rosemary leaves

  • 2 ounces /

    gin (or vodka)

  • 2 ounces /

    dry vermouth

  • 1 ounce /

    cranberry juice

  • a few drops /

    Zucchi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 2 /

    Fresh rosemary sprigs

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To make the rosemary syrup:

Combine the water, sugar, and chopped rosemary in a pot, and bring to a low boil. Let simmer until the sugar dissolves, then turn off the heat, and leave the rosemary until it perfumes the syrup to your liking (overnight is preferable). Strain and keep in the fridge.

To make the cranberry olive oil martini:

Place a few ice cubes in each martini glass.

Put some ice in a shaker, and add 2 ounces of gin, 2 ounces of dry vermouth, 1 ounce of cranberry juice, and a 1/2 ounce of the rosemary syrup. Shake for 20 seconds and pour into the glasses.

Garnish with a rosemary sprig. Using a dropper, add few drops of Zucchi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.