Olive oil is a mythic substance, a nutritious basis for miraculous diets and a sacred base for consecrating oils.

But all that mythos shouldn’t make it mysterious. That’s why we at Zucchi Extra Virgin Olive Oils have provided you with a way to figure out exactly what’s in the bottle.

Olive oil labels (as we’ve discussed) offer a bit of information about origins and processing. Depending on where the oil is from, that information may be helpful and dependable, or confusing and perhaps even misleading.

That’s why we’ve made every effort to be completely transparent about where our olive oil comes from. Where it’s grown, where it’s pressed, and the percentage of each oil that’s blended into each bottle on your shelf. We believe that if we want to convince you that we’re the clear choice for adding to your daily diet, then we need to be clear about exactly what’s in the bottle.

We pride ourselves in the artistry of our blending — our dedication to making sure that every bottle has the perfect balance of flavors and attributes, one that doesn’t change from bottling to bottling throughout the year. To do that, we monitor every step in the production chain. We know who our farmers are, and how they treat their olives. We know the processes used to extract the oils, and we have our own state-of-the-art holding and bottling facilities which help us guarantee freshness.

And while our name on the bottle is enough to assure you of quality, we’ve added some extra assurance on the back.

On the back of every bottle of Zucchi, you’ll find a serial number and a verification code. Click over to www.zucchi.com/us/traceability/, and you’ll be able to enter those codes to see exactly where the raw materials of our olive oil came from.

We believe that olive oil deserves to remain a mythic substance, but perhaps one shrouded in a little less mystery.