Zucchi Olive Oils are coming to America!

And you’re probably asking why.

If you walk into your local grocer or specialty food store, you’re likely to be faced with a wall of olive oil. You may choose based on color, figuring there’s some relationship between tint and taste. You may go with a name you recognize from advertisements. You might look for a region of origin, though if you’re a well-read gourmet, you may suspect that that fact means very little. You choose based on descriptions on a label, or simply find a pretty one, or even choose a bottle that fits your hand. Most people, in their confusion, simply grab whatever is on sale.

So giving you one more Extra Virgin Olive Oil to choose from may not seem like such a great thing.

But as Zucchi comes to these shores, we’re packing a lot more than just olive oil into those bottles. We’re bringing transparency — the ability to trace the olives that make up the oil in every bottle all the way back to the farmer who grew them. We’re bringing sustainability — through the creation and support of earth-friendly cultivation methods, with fair prices paid to the families who tend the trees and harvest the fruit. And we bring quality — the highest standards of flavor and freshness, with a consistency of product from bottle to bottle and batch to batch, made possible by our industry-leading focus on the art of blending.

My family has been in the culinary oil business for two centuries, and olive oils are our passion. We approach their creation with a blend of science, history, and artistry, drawing from the best oils in Europe.

For the American market, we have launched with four extra virgin oils: the versatile and balanced Sinfonia, a delicate 100% Organic, our aromatic Sweet & Fruity, and our full-flavored Italiano, made only with olives from our home country.

In these exceptional blends, we believe you’ll find your own passion for olive oil, and a place for Zucchi in your home.

With deepest thanks,

Giovanni Zucchi

Vice President & Blendmaster, Oleificio Zucchi S.P.A.