At Zucchi, we do a lot of listening. We listen to our farmers, our agronomists, and our blendmasters. But mostly, we listen to people who use extra virgin olive oil. We’ve been listening a lot to our American friends lately, and we hear over and over that the extra virgin olive oil shelf is crowded and confusing. It’s difficult to tell exactly where an oil comes from, how it’s grown and pressed, and what — in the end — it’s going to taste like.


So, as the Zucchi family works to introduce our incredible oils to the American public, we’re introducing two exceptional products — exceptional not just because they’re good, but because they are truly unlike anything else you can buy in the US.


Our two new oils are the first and only certified sustainable and traceable EVOOs.


Starting in July, you’ll be able to purchase:

Sustainably Certified 100% Italiano, a blend of oils exclusively from Italy

Sustainably Certified Heritage, a blend of oils from Italy, Greece and Spain


These two will join our Organic EVOO, which is made only from organically farmed olives.


Knowing where our oils come from and knowing how the olives are raised means that you can be assured of a reliable product — not something you can tell by reading most olive oil labels. Our labels, in fact, feature a field-to-shelf tracing technology that uses a QR code to tell you the country, region and province of origin, and even the cultivars that compose the blend.


While these exact blends will change over time, it’s the goal of our blendmasters (think of them as winemakers, just working with a different ROW MATERIAL) to deliver an extra virgin olive oil that’s rich in flavor, and never too harsh. The oils we send to the US are blended to enhance the way Americans cook, with a profile that heightens the flavor of grilled veggies, fish, and meats, and adds flavor and aroma to bread and pastas.


And while we’re sure you’ll love what you taste in the bottle, we also know you’ll also be happy with how it has been created. Our sustainability certification is by CSQA (, an Italian leader in food certifications and inspections, and we’ve had to meet more than 150 requirements across the entire farm-to-table supply chain, including social, economic, environmental and qualitative/nutritional standards — as well as that traceability proof we put on the label.


It’s true that Italy has been making extra virgin olive oil since the dawn of history, but it’s never been done with so much care, and with so much transparency to the people who are using it.


We hope you use Zucchi however you use extra virgin olive oil, secure in the knowledge that the deliciousness in the bottle got there honestly and with care. And then tell us what you think. We promise never to stop listening.


For more information on our new products, please contact us.