From a small family business to a major oil producer, Oleificio Zucchi has maintained a tradition of quality for over 200 years. A specialist private label supplier since the 1960s, Zucchi’s distinct extra virgin olive oils are behind some of the world’s leading retailers.


Traceable Extra Virgin Olive Oil Available for Retailer Private Labels

Zucchi is the only olive oil manufacturer in the market offering retailers complete product traceability down to the consumer level. Thanks to our field-to-table monitoring and digital data exchange within the supply chain, the olives used to create our superior-tasting olive oil can be traced back to the country, province, region and cultivar of origin. That means we deliver a truly transparent product in an industry plagued by controversy and less-than-honest practices. With Zucchi’s extra virgin olive oil, retailers can be confident in the quality and integrity of the product representing their brand on store shelves.


Additionally, Zucchi’s commitment to transparency in our sourcing of the finest oils becomes your commitment to transparency, that you can communicate to your customers. Today’s consumers are becoming more informed about the quality and sources of ingredients. For your customers seeking high quality olive oils at an affordable price, you can provide them with a meaningful, values-driven benefit that gives them additional confidence and trust in your private brand.  Zucchi extra virgin olive oils deliver just that.


Choosing Zucchi extra virgin olive oils for your private label brand means giving your customers the ability to find out the origin and the variety of the olives used to create their blend. Using information provided by Zucchi, you can create your own, custom-branded landing page to include on your bottle packaging, letting customers know how they can obtain more information on the oil they are purchasing. Customers can scan the QR code printed on the bottle and enter the batch number on the landing page to discover the origin of the cultivars used in that specific blend.


Extra Virgin Olive Oils Available for Private Labels—all fully traceable


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Blended from cultivars of select farms in Italy.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil —100% organically farmed olives sourced from Italy, Greece and Spain


European Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Sourced from farms in Italy, Greece and Spain



Zucchi also offers a full-service guarantee to customers, including production flexibility; extreme customization; design and development of packaging with innovative materials and low environmental impact; swift problem solving; and raw material purchasing advice.


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