What would Christmas be without something red?
We put a little into our traditional porcini mushroom risotto and...it's delicious!
15/18 minutes
40 minutes


  • 300 gr /

    Arborio or Vialone Nano rice

  • 1 liter /

    vegetable stock

  • 500 gr /

    porcini mushrooms

  • 1 bunch /


  • 1/2 glass /

    white wine

  • to taste /

    dried cranberries

  • to taste /


  • a knob /


  • to taste /

    grated Parmesan cheese


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Add a dribble of evo oil to the garlic in a non-stick pan and add the cleaned, sliced porcini mushrooms. Leave to fry for a few seconds then add a spoonful of chopped parsley. Cook for 4/5 minutes. Set a few mushroom slices aside for the final garnish. Add the rice and roast it for a few seconds with the fried mushrooms.
Quench with half a glass of white wine.

Add two ladles of vegetable stock and leave to cook. Add dried cranberries to taste.
As the rice gradually absorbs the stock, add more until the rice is cooked but just firm in the middle (about 15/18 minutes depending on the variety).
Add salt to taste.

Turn off the heat and stir in a knob of butter, a little more Zucchi garlic-flavoured oil and a handful of Parmesan into the risotto to coat it. Sprinkle with a little chopped parsley and ground pepper.

Serve the porcini mushroom and cranberry risotto on individual plates, with a few of the mushroom slices set aside and a pinch of fresh parsley in the middle of each plate.
Then add sprigs of redcurrants to each plate or sprinkle redcurrants on the risotto and serve!


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