From a travellers' snack to a key item on the menus of top hotels.
The club sandwich has a long history; this is how the Peperoni e Patate blog interprets it.


  • 12 slices /

    sliced bread

  • 12 /

    lettuce leaves

  • 2 /

    salad tomatoes

  • 1 /


  • 6 SLICES /


  • 6 SLICES /


  • For the mayonnaise:

  • 2 /

    egg yolks

  • 3 G /


    aceto-bianco Find out more
  • 180ML /


    avocado-250 Find out more
  • 1 /


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First prepare the mayonnaise:
place the egg yolks in a bowl at room temperature. Add the vinegar and start to whisk at low speed with an electric whisk. You can also make mayonnaise by hand, but it will take longer and there is more risk that it will curdle.
While whisking the eggs, dribble in the oil very slowly. Keep whisking until you have obtained a thick, frothy sauce. Bear in mind that the amount of oil varies and you may need a little more or less oil than the quantity stated.
Now add the lemon juice and keep whisking until it has been completely amalgamated.
Add salt and pepper if necessary, but no salt is required for the purposes of the club sandwich.

Cut the tomatoes and avocado into slices about half a centimeter thick.
Cook the bacon in a frying-pan until it is light brown in color and just crisply.
Toast the sliced bread lightly if liked and then spread the mayonnaise on one side of all the slices.
Place the tomato, the lettuce and the bacon on one slice of bread and then place another slice on top, with the mayonnaise facing downwards.

Spread the mayonnaise on the other side of the same slice and fill the second layer of the Club Sandwich with the avocado, the roast turkey and the lettuce.
Finish with the last slice of bread, leaving the mayonnaise facing downwards.
Continue for all 4 sandwiches, then press them down lightly and cut each sandwich into 2 triangles.
Finally, fix each triangle with a long toothpick to hold the filling in place.



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