Extra virgin olive oil, Prosecco and tabasco? This may seem like a risk, but when there is skill and great taste the combination turns into pure pleasure.

The creativity of Chef Sadler reaches new heights, transforming every kitchen into a cocktail bar.


  • Spritz cocktail:

  • 1 bottle /

    Prosecco wine

  • 400 ML /


  • 50 G /

    White chocolate

  • 50 G /


  • 30 ML /

  • 30 ML /


    limonei Find out more
  • 2 peels /


  • To taste /

    Green Tabasco

  • To taste /


  • Appetizer skewers:

  • 10 /

    Bite-sized mozzarella bits

  • 10 /

    Pachino tomatoes

  • 10 /

    Large green olives

  • 10 leaves /


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Pour the maltodextrin into a casserole dish, adding 100% Italian evo oil along with lemon-flavored olive oil and place on stovetop at very low heat, beating with a whisk to assure a soft, fluffy consistency.

Melt the white chocolate and brush it with a cooking brush around the rim of the cocktail glass and dip it in the oil fluff so that it sticks, then store in a cool place.

Drop a couple of ice cubes in each glass, add the Aperol, 2 drops of Green Tabasco, lime zest and Prosecco and mix with a swizzle stick.

Compose the skewers with 1 cherry tomato, 1 olive, 1 cherry mozzarella and 1 basil leaf and place inside each glass before serving the Spritz.



“Evolving modern cuisine”: this is probably the definition that best describes his cooking philosophy. Milanese by birth and in spirit, born in 1956, Claudio Sadler is now an internationally recognised chef, awarded no less than 2 Michelin Stars.

In his recipes he is always looking for harmony, simplicity and delicacy, in a careful balance between faithfulness to the traditions of regional Italian cooking and reinterpretations enhanced by a very personal creativity and artistic sensibility. This is made possible thanks to an approach which is at the same time methodical and open to innovation, based on sound skills and a strict application of rules.

The process for developing a new Claudio Sadler dish is long and complex: often months are needed before a dish becomes part of the chef's menu. But once there, each new creation shows off a small masterpiece in taste and presentation.