With help from Spadelliamo, we discover this traditional Palermitan street food, made in the proper way with chickpea flour but in a lighter version.


  • Panelle

  • 200 G /

    Chickpea flour

  • 500 ML /

    Fresh water

  • to taste /

    Salt and pepper

  • 1 sprig /


  • q.s. /


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  • 800 ML /

    Soya milk

  • Half /

    The juice of a lemon, with the seeds removed

  • 1 pinch /


  • Q.s /


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Mix the chickpea flour with salt, pepper and the water in a bowl, using a whisk. 

Place the mixture in a pan over the heat and keep mixing while adding the parsley.
Stir thoroughly, preventing lumps from forming, until the mixture starts to become firm. As soon as it is solid, keep stirring and cook for about 10 minutes. Transfer the mixture into a rectangular baking tray lubricated with a dribble of seed oil so that the mixture will not stick once placed inside it.

Pour the mixture into the baking tray, level it and leave it to set for about an hour.
In the meantime, make the mayonnaise. Place all the ingredients in a tall stab mixer beaker.
 Blend the milk, salt, mustard and lemon together. Add a dribble of seed oil and move the mixer up and down to incorporate more air in the mayonnaise. Keep mixing for about 10 minutes and you will see that the mixture starts to be whipped into a soft, frothy cream. The mayonnaise is ready.

Now overturn the oven tray onto a worktop so that you can cut the solidified panelle mix into sticks. Place a frying-pan of frying oil on the heat, add the sticks and brown them on all sides for a couple of minutes in the sizzling hot oil. Drain on kitchen roll.
If you can't wait you can eat them at once, but otherwise you can take them with you in an airtight container with the mayonnaise in another one and enjoy them as a convenient snack in the park!



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