A warm, glowing golden colour with delicate glints of green, Dolce Fruttato is easily distinguished from the other Zucchi extra virgin olive oils due to its sweet flavour, its quality, and its taste, achieved using olive oils of European Union origin. This oil recalls fresh grass with pleasantly lingering hints of almond. This product is Legambiente recommended.Legambiente_logo


Acidity 0.30% - Ethyl Esters 20 ppm
Median of Fruitiness
> 3 - Median of bitterness and pungency < 2
Oil with
a sweet flavor and a balance between bitter and pungent notes. Flavour delicate. Fragrance fresh, with overtones of almond and apple.

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Oil ables to harmonise perfectly with a wide range of foods, especially when used raw to add a touch to any dish. Ideal with fish tartare, salads, Sicilian pesto and salad dips, its fragrance is appreciated best with grilled meat and the tastiest roasts.

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Conservation suggestions

To conserve our oil's sensory and nutritional properties intact for longer: seal the container carefully after each use, use dark bottles or cans and store at below 20°C (the ideal range is between 12 and 18°C).