The art of cheese-making has always been based on just a few basic elements: milk, rennet and salt. The most ancient source of evidence of the milk processing stages is a Sumerian bas-relief dated III millennium B.C. called the “Dairy Frieze”.

The decisive development in the history of cheese came about thanks to the Romans who, as well as using sheep’s milk, started using cow’s milk. A real blending craft which spread across the whole Roman Empire together with cheeses which could, finally, be matured for long periods.

The development over time of the art of cheese-making is due to the work of a little-known but fundamental figure: the master cheese-maker. Even if it isn’t often thought about, it is a profession that requires passion and curiosity, patience and experience, precision and creativity. The same characteristics that we find in both the oenologist and in the blendmaster.

Our hope is that more interest will be taken in the history and enormous amount of work behind every top quality Italian food and wine product, from DOP extra virgin olive oil to DOP buffalo mozzarella.