Triathlon, ski mountaineering, foot volleyball. These three sports have something in common: they all combine two or more disciplines. Of course they’re not the only ones: biathlon, heptathlon, octathlon and decathlon are the best known! They are the “multisports”, some even with Olympic status, which bring together a large number of disciplines: from track and field athletics to cycling, through to marksmanship and cross-country skiing.

But we all know that creativity brings success in sport. For example, every child dreams of playing basketball on a trampoline to slam the ball in the hoop – and this sport really exists.  It’s called slamball, it has its very own rules and championship, and it was fairly successful in the early years of this century.

Another original example of sports blending is car football. It means using a car as a footballer: the ball is a metre and a half in diameter, while the pitch varies in size, and the number of players in a team may also change depending on the size of the field. Naturally, it was invented in the country which takes the most carefree attitude to football of all, Brazil.

In sport, blending is a very popular art and can even lead to the invention of a whole new sporting discipline.

Choose your two favourite sports and combine them; you might produce a winner.