Fashion is one of the sectors where the art of blending has always been used to best effect.

In recent decades, clearly defined styles such as Bon Ton, Hippie, Punk, Ethnic, Vintage and Street Style have been reworked and combined on the runways by the top international designers.


For example, Bohemian has given birth to Boho-Chic, something of an oxymoron because it blends the central European gypsy look with elegant, sophisticated features typical of French bourgeois culture. Rock has acquired sweeter overtones to create Rockmantic, involving ideas such as torn jeans worn over delicate lace stockings embroidered with flowers. Not to mention Hipster, the most fashionable style of the last few years, even though the term originated in the Forties to describe white youngsters who wanted to emulate the style of black jazz musicians. The Hipster look combines Vintage, Bohemian and more Casual outputs typical of the latest generations.


There are lots more of these hybrids, some of them more retro, others experimenting with different fabrics and materials, while yet more originate with a clear message, such as Gender Blending – dressing with characteristics typical of both sexes to cancel out gender differences.


It is important to remember that fashion is not just a factor of image and appearance; it is our individual way of stating who we are and what we want, and this is often only possible using combinations of different styles. Exactly the same as with oil.