Extra virgin olive oil is the king of condiments. With this precious treasure trove of taste it is possible to enhance any recipe; but that’s not all. Thanks to its many properties, extra virgin olive oil is perfect for reworking traditional recipes, adding new touches of flavour and creativity.

For instance, we have seen how the boundless creativity of Chef Sadler has enabled extra virgin olive oil to come out of the kitchen and into… the cocktail bar! We’re talking about Spritz Oil, the drink for a classy aperitif able to surprise any drink connoisseur.

Cocktails using extra virgin olive oil represent an unusual approach to the world of extra virgin olive oil and are the last frontier for the most creative and adventurous bartenders. Far from being a pure exercise in style, extra virgin olive oil is capable of improving even the most classic cocktails in a surprising way. Let’s take the Gin Sour: by adding a few drops of olive oil, the sharpness and intensity of the lemon on the tongue is mellowed, creating a taste quite different from the bizarre mix you would expect.

But flavour is not the only reason that prompted the American bartenders of the Fig & Olive in Los Angeles, the Krescendo in Brooklyn and the Levant in Portland to propose mixtures with the addition of extra virgin olive oil shaker. In fact, extra virgin olive oil gives cocktails a better consistency and a luxurious appearance, becoming a must for the most sophisticated customers. What’s more, it limits the damaging effects of alcohol on the body by reducing the side-effects, such as the classic morning-after headache.

All that’s left to do is taste a cocktail with extra virgin olive oil and try out the reinterpretation of a classic mix, maybe accompanied by some finger food prepared in the same way: with extra virgin olive oil.

It just goes to show how special olive oil can make not just food, but drinks too.