Curiosity. In one word, it is the characteristic of every expert blendmaster.
It is an innate attitude which translates into long journeys and constant research.
Curiosity is the stimulus that leads to the discovery of even small-scale production but of great quality.

To give you an idea of the great biovariety that we safeguard in Italy, there are over five hundred types of olive tree, with different morphological and agronomic characteristics. These varieties are known as cultivars, an English word arising from a contraction of the term cultivated variety.
Drawing on an example from wine-making, we can say that grape varieties are the cultivars of vines.

Every quality extra virgin olive oil is a world of sensations and must be tasted to precisely assess the richness of the smells and potential of the cultivars within it.

“Taste, taste, and taste again” is the mantra that must be repeated to create a perfect fusion of cultivars, to obtain a blend with a balanced taste. Because the blendmaster is similar to a painter who, to give shape to his own work, paints by mixing the cultivars with craftsmanship.