Olive oil can also be used for purposes other than its familiar applications in food preparation: it is an aid to beauty, and not only to good food.


For example, it can be used as an eye make-up remover: even the heaviest make-up is unable to withstand the moisturising power of olive oil. How should you use it? Just pat gently with cotton wool or a make-up remover pad dipped in a little olive oil and you’ll see that eye-shadow, mascara and eyeliner will just wipe away.


Or use it as a Hair Tonic: today’s market offers an infinite selection of hair oils; there are almost too many to choose from, but as an alternative you can also use a few spoonfuls of warm olive oil on the ends of your hair when still wet. Leave to act for a few minutes and you’ll find your hair is glossy and well nourished.


You can also use it as a Bath Oil: add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to 4-5 spoonfuls of olive oil to to make your very own bath solution with amazing moisturising properties.


Relax in your bathroom: olive oil, mixed with kitchen salt, is an excellent body scrub, ideal for revitalising your skin.


In the winter, our lips often tend to crack and dry out, and here again olive oil is the right answer. Mix it 1:1 with melted beeswax, adding a drop of your favourite essential oil. This will make your own, personalised lip salve.