Traditional remedies are a legacy of knowledge we cannot afford to lose. And it is no coincidence that one of the products most widely used in the home, for many purposes, is olive oil. There is always a bottle in the larder, and it is an excellent substitute for many household products. And more than that.


For example, you can use it as a furniture polish by adding a spoonful to a quarter of a cup of lemon juice. This will remove dust and give the wood a fresh shine.

It also works wonders with stainless steel or copper:  just clean the surface for polishing thoroughly and leave it to dry, then rub it briskly with a little oil on a clean, soft cloth. The results will amaze you.

Have you ever tried to take the label of a glass jar so you can reuse it? It’s never easy, is it? With a little olive oil it will be child’s play; just pat a few drops onto what you want to remove and wait a few minutes.

And doors acquire an irritating squeak, there’s no need to visit the hardware store. Simply clean the hinge with a few drops of olive oil on cotton wool and the problem is solved.


But olive oil is not just an essential aid in the kitchen. For example, if you have leather clothes or shoes you want to clean up but are afraid of damaging, rub them a little with a few drops of oil and a cloth: they’ll be as good as new.