Blendmaster? What does this mean? A good question. Maybe it’s better to take a step back and look at what I do.

As I’ve already said, my name is Giovanni Zucchi and I come from a family which has been in the cooking oil business for two centuries.

The world of olive oil is fascinating and varied, where tradition must keep pace with new production techniques. A world of flavours, colours and aromas, all waiting to be discovered, where it is possible to continuously experiment and put your creativity to the test.

In simple terms, the blendmaster selects and blends extra virgin olive oil from different olive varieties and origins, enhancing all the individual components and creating something completely new. A fantastic job which has given me the chance to gain important experience in the world of gastronomy and to get to know the market well. And, above all, to develop a quality brand, which for generations has carried my surname (a source of great pride).

I therefore decided to start this editorial to share a personal passion, which I’m sure will fascinate anyone that loves the natural and goods things in life. Over the coming weeks I will tell you about extra virgin olive oil, blending, quality of food, and much more. I hope to bring you into a fascinating world by offering you a different “point of view”. The perspective of someone who has chosen to dedicate their life to one of Italy’s quality products: olive oil.

A precious ingredient which, as I like to remember, “doesn’t grow on trees”.