We talked about our experience during Linkontro Nielsen 2016, an event that each year attracts companies and retailers who reflect together on the sustainable future of what they supply and on how to offer consumers an incredible combination of price, quality and service. This year’s theme is in fact “Value at the heart of retailing choices”.

Giovanni Zucchi, during a joint contribution entitled “Harmonious enterprise and social responsibility” directed at other leading companies in their own industry, talked of the importance of sustainability – defined as environmental, social and economic sustainability – as a prerequisite for its own way of doing business and of the innovative processes of Zucchi products.

The “Counselled by Legambiente” range reflects this philosophy perfectly: the excellence of the taste, reached through the art of blending, combines with company principles for exploiting extravirgin oil in a sustainable manner throughout its production chain, from the olive grove to the table.

That is why Zucchi oils have been recognized as the Product of 2016, being an oil that is good, clean and fair.

For us, it is important for everyone to be able to experience this journey directly: it can be read directly on the bottle of Zucchi oils by QRcode and be experienced through the blending experiences.

Knowing oil, appreciating its quality and using it better every day means knowing whether what we eat is really good and whether we rate what we have on the table correctly.

This was, is and will be the first of Zucchi’s commitments, yesterday, today and tomorrow for a sustainable tomorrow.