Choosing an oil that will combat high cholesterol is part of the care that we all need to take of our bodies to achieve a level of physical fitness that has always also depended on good dietary habits.

What is high cholesterol 

Cholesterol is a molecule that is contained in the body, in the blood. It is of fundamental importance because the degree of permeability of cell membranes and a series of functions linked to hormones and the production of vitamin D depend on this molecule.In order to ensure that cholesterol performs this role with optimum efficiency, it should be found in balanced amounts in the blood in order to maintain the right balance between good cholesterol known as HDL and bad cholesterol known as LDL. When we talk of high cholesterol we mean that the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL)is excessive.

The right nutritional choices

Choosing agood quality oilis part of the food process that is required to control high cholesterol levels. This is a fundamental step because it is part of the daily habits that affect everyday life that can transform the health and the wellbeing of consumers.

Corn oil, according to a survey by experts and scientists at MérieuxNutriSciences, is the foodstuff that is most able to reduce the quantity of bad cholesterol in the blood to rebalance total cholesterol(TC). Corn oil is apparently more effective than extra virgin olive oil in reducing LDL:10.9%compared with 3.5% for extra virgin olive oil. The effects are also reflected in the total level of cholesterol.

Corn oil is recommended in the study for managing high cholesterol. The oil can be used to season salads, grilled vegetables, bruschettas (flat bread with herbs), cereal and pulse soups, and purees, but it can also be used with meat, fish and pasta. Small daily choices in the diet benefit the general health of organs, tissues, the body’s apparatus and ensure  general wellbeing.