Organic flax seed oil is a vegetable oil that can be used in different ways in cooking, just like the seeds it is made from, and it has health benefits. The secret of a healthy and balanced diet is varying what one eats and always combining foods in different and innovative ways to strike the perfect balance between culinary experimentation and dietary needs.

Zucchi flax seed oil is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of the plant Linumusitatissimumusing mechanical and physical processes that do not use chemical products like solvents or adjuvants. Before the seeds are ‘pressed’ they are toasted or dried.

How to use it in the kitchen

What makes this oil special is its composition – it is naturally rich in polyunsaturated acids (Omega 3). In the kitchen it should be used only unheated in dishes of different types, which are preferably low in fats and sugars, in small quantities – less than a spoonful is enough to season a plate of pasta, chickpea hummus, avegetable puree, grilled fish or a mixed salad. The oil is reminiscent of walnut, delicate but at the same time with a distinctive taste.

Flax seed

Flax seed is not only used to obtain oil but also flour and can be that special touch for dressing salads, decorating soups or flavouring bread andfocacce. In addition, it contains omega 3 and omega 6 and is very rich in fibre.

How to conserve flax seed oil 

Organic flax seed oil is very sensitive to temperature variations and is particularly sensitive to heat. It must be kept in a cool place away from damp or sources of light or heat that could affect its composition and taste and make it rancid. The taste must always be intense and similar to walnut. If it changes it is no longer fresh and should be thrown away or used as a basis for a scrub or other home-made body-care products.

Flax seed oil is not just used in cooking but also in art in oil paints and to produce linoleum flooring, which is obtained from natural materials.