The elegant location is Piazza Stradivari, stylishly furnished to create a dining room under the stars in Cremona. Local specialities – from meats to cheeses, from fish to desserts – cooked by the restaurateurs themselves and leading players in the food world from the city and province. A convivial atmosphere and the unique ambience created by dining together, in the open air right in the centre of the city, on a summer evening.

All the ingredients for a very tasty evening will be present, and naturally Zucchi will be playing a major role. We will be providing two products of excellence, our 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Modena Balsamic Vinegar PGI, for use on the tables and service points of the piazza’s restaurants, paying homage to the fine dishes from the Lombard and Cremona gastronomic tradition.

So this will be an evening of enjoyment, but also an opportunity for discovering and promoting the local cuisine, an excellent example of the same concept of a sustainable, quality supply chain which guides all the output of Oleificio Zucchi. Truly a dinner under the stars not to be missed!