Zucchi oils extend their success to Paris! After its many awards, including Elected product of the year” and Food Product of 2016, the Cremona oil producer has just received the prize for the “Best Sustainable” at Sial – Inspire Food Business in Paris.


The prize was awarded on several different grounds, all fundamental for the company:

  • traceability of the oils produced:
  • a sustainable approach that meets the need for quality and transparency felt by the various players in the oil supply chain: from growers to the final consumer;
  • more and more restrictive quality standards to guarantee higher quality;
  • innovative, green packaging solutions.


Zucchi is particularly proud of this prize because the jury was made up of 43 importers, retailers and distributors from Asia and the United States, called upon to judge products on the basis of their ingredients, packaging, sustainability strategy and market competiveness. And the competition was truly fierce: 159 companies entered no fewer than 254 products for the award.

So the prize was awarded on strictly technical grounds, by people who assess and consume high quality products on a daily basis.


However, Zucchi has no intention of resting on its laurels: this is just one of the many reasons which inspires its entire workforce to improve every day.