Oleificio Zucchi is focused on the development of Zucchi’s project with the aim to extend and complete all ranges, addressed to Horeca and Retail channels.

Up to now, our product innovations gained great appreciation from our customers. In particular, the extra virgin olive oils flavoured with spices and herbs were appreciated. They are simple seasonings that can give a special gourmet touch to dishes; just think on a grilled guinea-fowl breast with extra virgin olive oil flavored with cranberry or a seared duck breast with extra virgin olive oil flavoured with orange. In addition, they are tasty on not salty dishes: these dressings suite perfectly to the preparation of creams, ice cream and desserts.

The complete range, in a comfortable 250ml format, includes dressings with extra virgin olive oil flavoured with chili pepper, white truffle, pesto, onion and shallot, garlic, lemon, orange, vanilla, cranberry.

Enjoy our fast and easy dressings and give a gourmet touch to your dishes!