Thursday 24 September, on the terrace of the “Cibus è Italia” Pavilion at the Expo, a space dedicated to the protagonists of the Italian food industry, Giovanni Zucchi and his team of blend masters met with 33 bloggers to spend an evening devoted to unique flavours.

Each guest had the chance to put themselves in the shoes of a blend master, tasting olive oils from a specific production area characterized by specific cultivars, appreciating their qualities in order to create the perfect blend with their own hands. In this way, each blogger was able to understand the complexity and art of oil blending and to create their own blend of extra virgin olive oil.


After participating in the blending experience, the guests had the chance to enjoy a buffet with dishes complemented by Zucchi extra virgin olive oils. And they’ll take with them a special memento: not only Giovanni Zucchi’s book “Olive oil doesn’t grow on trees” and a tasting glass, but also a bottle of an extraordinary blend of oil, the one they created with their own hands.


Special thanks go to our guests:


Lorenzo – The Old Now

Giulia – Giulia Cook Eat Love

Marta – Streghetta in cucina

Daniela – Smile, Beauty and more

Daria – A Daria piace mangiare

Valentina – La cucina che Vale

Mariacristina – Blonde Suite

Alessia – Dolcezze di Nonna Papera

Flavia – Tè verde e pasticcini

Sarah e Antonio – 2 biscotti nel tè

Beatrice – Daily Chiccherìe

Stefania – Delightful Life

Carola – Purses in the kitchen

Rossana e Gloria – Vita su Marte

Francesca e Michela – The Womoms

Luisella – Ricettosando

Tamara – Bake Therapy

Roberta – Robysushi

Sara – L’appetito vien leggendo

Alessia – Cucina con stile

Virginia – Ragoût food

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