The annual Festambiente will be held at Rispescia (Grosseto, Italy) from 4 to 15 August: Legambiente’s international festival will host shows, exhibitions, debates and lectures on key environmental protection themes. One of the event’s key contributors is Oleificio Zucchi, the festival’s technical sponsor and Legambiente’s long-standing partner on the themes of transparency and supply chain sustainability.

The festival will include many initiatives featuring the Cremona brand’s ideas and products, but two key events will spotlight its commitment to sustainability in particular.

In the first, Giovanni Zucchi, Oleificio Zucchi Deputy Chairman, will be contributing to the debate on “La sfida di un nuovo modello agroalimentare per rispondere ai cambiamenti climatici [“The challenge of a new agricultural model to respond to climate change”], scheduled for 7.30 pm on Saturday 5 August, with the participation – amongst others – of Italy’s Minister for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Maurizio Martina.

The second event, targeting not only olive oil devotees but also anyone wishing to find out more about this fascinating world, with its uniquely Italian expertise, will be the Blending Experience at 8 pm on Tuesday 8 August. An exciting, enjoyable experience in which participants will experiment with flavours and fragrances,  as the Oleificio Zucchi Blendmasters assist them in combining oils from different cultivars and with different origins to create their very own, highly individual extra virgin olive oil blend, unique in its fragrances and balance of flavours.
(Places are limited; registration at the event).

Oleificio and Legamente enjoy a well-established partnership, based on a shared commitment to sustainability and transparency, which has led first to the “Recommended by Legambiente” range of 3 100% Italian seed oils and 3 extra virgin olive oils produced in accordance with strict environmental protection, quality and traceability rules, and then, with the assistance of Legambiente and the entire supply chain, to achievement of the first Sustainable Extra Virgin Olive Oil certification issued by CSQA, enabling consumers to enjoy a quality oil, produced with respect for the environment and workers’ rights, with traceability assured.