Positive feedbacks from the Italian food trade exhibition ended last week in Parma, where Oleificio Zucchi officially unveiled his international project under the brand Zucchi gathering favour and appreciation from the visitors. The large stand, tailored with graphics that characterizes the new olive oil range, welcomed customers and prospects interested in discovering the wide and renewed ranges branded Zucchi. The new references include olive oil – extra virgin from European Union origin, the new Dolce Fruttato, the 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, also organic, as well as oils flavoured with chilli pepper, pesto, orange, lemon, just to name a few of them -, seed oils – in addition to traditional, organic and “special” seed oils, e.g. pumpkin, sesame, avocado and grapeseed – and, finally, vinegars – white and red wine, apple cider and Modena Balsamic Vinegar PGI.Many contacts were collected and meetings held for both the Italian and the foreign markets: this demonstrates that the quality and the “know how to do well” are still important drivers in selecting product to sell to retailers and Horeca channel.