Running together for fun in the heart of the town: what better way to do (and do oneself) good?

The occasion is Sunday September 10 in Cremona with the first very colorful edition of Corri CRI Colors, a 6 km run through the streets of the town and a perfect sport and charity festival for everyone – families, children, animals and anyone who wants to enjoy themselves organized by the Cremona Committee of the Italian Red Cross with the support of many town partners, one of whom had to be Oleificio Zucchi.

The fun run starts in Piazza Stradivari, where for the first time in town the participants can run through real “coloured clouds”, which are simply powder colors (which are natural, tested and non-allergic) and will colour them from head to toe for an imaginative and euphoric run that is also good in all senses.

Goodness and attention, which the participants will also find in the event package thanks to Oleificio Zucchi.

The company is constantly committed to supporting local social and charity initiatives. The company works alongside the local committee of the Italian Red Cross, giving all participants a bottle of EVO oil with vanilla or cranberry aroma, two special condiments that are also perfect for desserts and give each dish a unique flavor.