Making oil is an art of excellence, a heritage of knowledge to be communicated and appreciated. There could be no better opportunity for sharing this know-how than the Porte Aperte Festival, the Cremona event that brings together local and international art and artists, for three days of performances, meetings with authors and creators, literary readings, exhibitions and themed film showings.

How does Oleificio Zucchi fit into this festival? With its creativity in giving the world extra virgin olive oils of excellence, encapsulated in the Blending Experience  at 10.30 am on Friday 30 June, at the Spazio Comune on Piazza Stradivari. Led by the Oleificio Zucchi Blendmasters, it is a sensory experience at which participants can try their hand at creating a blend – a combination of oils from different cultivars and with different origins – with unique fragrances and subtleties of flavour. An exciting learning experience, really not to be missed!

The event will be open to a maximum of 15 participants; book your place now by writing to