The “Blending Experience” events continue: a sensory experience where guests put themselves in the shoes of a blendmaster and make a customised, exclusive olive oil.

The art of blending: how quality olive oil is created” was held in Bologna on 11 October: In the friendly atmosphere of Osteria Eataly, the invited guests were directly involved in creating an olive oil; a little-known but fascinating skill.

What’s more, during the evening Giovanni Zucchi’s book “L’olio non cresce sugli alberi” (“Olive oil doesn’t grow on trees”) was presented. The event was hosted by special guest, Fausto Lupetti, the Bologna-based publisher, together with the author himself.


Thanks to everyone who took part in the event, in particular:


Claudia Annie Carone

Claudia Casadio

Consuelo Reggiani

Eleonora Rubaltelli

Paola Buzzini

Rossella Calzecchi

Serena Autorino

Veronica Frison


And all the students from the Food Genius Academy of Bologna, as well as the customers and trade guests of Oleificio Zucchi.