Zucchi’s Pumpkin Seed Oil received the “Diplôme Gourmet” award at the 15th International Contest of “World Edible Oils” – promoted by the AVPA, the French Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products – reserved to vegetable oil producers and producers’ groups, members of the association.

An excellent accolade, assigned by a jury of real experts – from edible oil professionals to starred chefs and connoisseurs – to a truly special vegetable oil, typical of Austria and Germany’s cuisine and obtained from the cold-pressing of Cucurbita Pepo L. seeds, the classic pumpkin and horticultural queen from September to November. Simple, delectable but most of all beneficial: Zucchi’s Pumpkin Seed Oil is especially rich in phytosterols, essential fatty acids with antioxidant properties, supplying the body with a valuable quantity of minerals and vitamins.

A chief international award for an oil of the Zucchi Special Oil range – conceived to combine taste with a healthy and balanced diet – as part of Zucchi’s ongoing commitment to European consumers and the advancement of an array of gastronomic cultures through Italy’s expertise, the real strength of Oleificio Zucchi.