These conditions regulate on-line contracts and Purchasers are required to view and consent to them before finalising the contract.

  1. Contract definitions:
    An “On-Line Sales Contract” is a contract for the sale of the Supplier’s products agreed between the latter and the Purchaser by means of a digital distance sales system organised by the Supplier.
    The “Purchaser” is the Consumer (a natural person) who makes the purchase covered by this contract for purposes unrelated to commercial or professional business operations, or also the party which purchases the goods for business or professional purposes.
    The “Supplier” is the party which offers the products for sale, by agreement with the producer.

  2. Products sold:
    The products covered by these general conditions are offered for sale by Well Italia s.a.s., hereinafter the “Supplier”, with registered office at Corso Canale 18, 12050, Guarene (Cuneo, Italy), VAT no. 03562340046., registered with the Cuneo Chamber of Commerce under no. 03562340046 in the Registered of Enterprises, certified email address, mandated by OLEIFICIO ZUCCHI SPA with registered office at Via ACQUAVIVA, 12, VAT no. 00106510191, registered with the Cremona Chamber of Commerce under no. 00106510191 in the Register of Enterprises; the products offered for sale are described in an on-line catalogue by means of specific data sheets which include the relative characteristics with descriptions, including photographs (purely guideline) and the relative prices.

  3. Finalisation of the contract
    The contract between the Supplier and the Purchaser is finalised solely by means of the Internet, when the Purchaser accesses the site, follows the stated procedures, and formally submits an order for the purchase of the goods offered for sale.

  4. Finalisation and validity of the contract
    The purchase contract is finalised by compilation of the order form and through agreement to purchase expressed by means of the confirmation submitted on-line, further to viewing of the notice to purchasers pursuant to art. 49 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, the order statement, which includes the details of the purchaser and the order, the prices of the goods purchased, the delivery costs and any additional charges, the payment procedures and terms, the address to which the goods are to be delivered, the delivery times and fact that no right of withdrawal applies to the purchase of the said products since they are exempt under art.59 I (c) (d) of Legislative Decree 206/2005.
    The Purchaser may print out the documents listed above, displayed during the purchase procedure, on paper, or save them on other durable media.
    Further to receipt of the Purchaser’s order by the Supplier, the Supplier shall send a confirmation email or display a web page confirming and summarising the order, which can be printed on paper or saved on another durable medium and which also includes the data listed above. The contract shall be considered finalised and valid between the parties from the moment of dispatch of the aforesaid email or from the moment of display of the relative web page.

  5. Payment and refund procedures
    All payments by the Purchaser may only be made by one of the methods specified on the Supplier’s relative web page and detailed in the notice to purchasers. The Supplier guarantees the security of the processes used to store these data in compliance with the relevant legislation on personal data protection, using the PayPal system.

  6. Delivery times, procedures and return policy
    The Supplier shall deliver the products selected and ordered by the means chosen by the Purchaser or stated on the website at the time when the goods are offered for sale, as confirmed in the mail referred to in point 4. Shipping times may vary from the day of the order itself up to a maximum of five working days after its confirmation. In the event that the Supplier is not able to dispatch the goods within this term, but is able to do so within no more than 30 days, it shall notify the Purchaser by email forthwith. Delivery procedures, times and costs are clearly stated and highlighted on the site.

    Consumers may only return goods if they are received with obvious, major defects (such as broken bottle, etc.), in which case the vendor must be notified at once in writing, requesting replacement of the product and sending the pack containing the defective product to Well Italia Corso Canale 16 12150 Guarene Cuneo. Goods will be returned at no additional expense to the purchaser, in the shortest possible time, subject to availability of the product (if the same product is not available, it may be replaced with another product of the same quantity and value).