We have always been devoted to quality and strongly focused on the sustainability of our products and processes, seeking dialogue with other organisations that share our vision. With FAI [Italian Environment Fund] and the Legambiente environmental association, we have launched two major innovative, sustainable collaboration projects.

Zucchi has implemented the Legambiente's approach and philosophy by developing and offering the market a certified range of extra virgin olive and seed oils, its "Recommended by Legambiente" collection. Oils subjected to even tighter checks chain, in bottles bearing the Association's highly respected logo - certifying meticulous verification of quality, safety, sustainability and traceability - and a QRcode which allows individual users to find out where all the raw materials used in their oils come from.

Recognising its shared values and aims such the conservation of landscapes and traditions, Zucchi has decided to offer concrete support to FAI, by covering the costs of maintaining and preserving the olive trees grown at FAI Sites open to the public, the ideal way of expressing its prioritisation of Italy's olive-growing heritage.

Photo Maja Galli © FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano Bosco di San Francesco, Assisi (PG).

A tangible, constant, ever-strengthening commitment, responding to the growing need for quality and transparency on the part of consumers and the various players in the oil supply chain.

Photo EFFICERE, Milano © FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano Bosco di San Francesco, Assisi (PG)